Parking Solution

Users of automobiles spend a lot of time in the parking bays trying to locate where to park. In

Today’s ever busy working environment, drivers hardly have time to spend in parking bays

Looking for where to park. In many places, especially around shopping complexes,

Parking AccidentsUniversities, city centres, and many other busy working environments, finding parking has

Been noted as one of the major causes of stress in lives of individuals who drive. The

Traditional method of finding parking by the naked eye has a number of irritating situations.

In situations where a driver is walking towards a car or is in the car, the other drivers waiting

To find parking often make signs, or whistle or try to do something intending to ask the other

Whether they are pulling out. Though this kind of asking might help most of the times, it

Leads to situations, which are often inconveniencing to other drivers.

In busy towns and cities, parking Solutions still poses a challenge that keeps

Growing more complex. The need for efficient parking management systems cannot be

Emphasized enough for such cities. This study thus seeks to provide a solution to the issues

Above using the latest sensing and telecommunication technology.