Smart Parking ®

AMA Smart ParkingWith Smart parking, your parking area is expanded by up to eight times (80%) in total. Imagine parking up to 16 cars in a space of approximately 2 cars. And on a larger scale, in a parking space of only thirteen cars, it can bare up to one hundred cars. Moreover, it is a Green Technology product. It minimizes the exhaust gasses from roaming cars trying to find a parking spot. A study has shown that cars in automated parking emit about 6.3 tons per year of Carbon Dioxide. While emitting 39.5 tons per year in a conventional parking. No theft!No stolen belongings! No Worries !

You want even need to lock your vehicle ! Smart Parking saves your car from being dente by other drivers trying to park. Moreover, offer protections against scratches and damages (In addition) saves your car against weather effects ex: Hail damage and UV damage. Smart Parking is not only space preserving, but also (non-time consuming) for its installation process. It takes only five days of work to get your Smart Parking machine into action.